October 7, 2008

Looks Like Fun! Some "naughty"
comedy music from the 1950s
(read: fairly tame by today's standards)

This was an album I was given to convert to CD by a client (I have a little side gig converting LPs to CD for turntable-less folks who want to remain turntable-less, but be able to hear their old LPs).
This probably would have been classified as "naughty" or "risque" comedy music back in 1956 when it was released by Cliff Ferre. Today it's merely suggestive. No swear words at all, but innuendo galore. Most of the guffaws come from the singer making you think he's talking about one thing when he's talking about something totally different and innocent. For example, describing something sounding very much like his, ahem ... private parts, but it actually turns out to be ... well, I won't spoil it for you. (check out track 10, "Ain't It A Beauty" for the answer).

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