October 5, 2008

The Vinyl Resurrection Collection! Listen for a while, and take home whatever you like!

Welcome to The Vinyl Resurrection Collection, a place for music "resurrected" from old vinyl LPs to the convenient, shareable, digital formats of today.

In the last several months, I've started a new hobby, converting old vinyl LPs to digital formats so they can be burned to CD, transferred to an mp3 player, or uploaded to the web for sharing. As a result, I've been buying up whatever looks interesting at thrift stores, garage sales, etc., and I've had some really great finds to add to my collection!

Which brings us to this blog. I'll be uploading these gems on regular basis so they can be downloaded, shared, and enjoyed by all! I'll be focusing on the more obscure "you'll-never-find-this-on-CD" kind of stuff but feel free to make any suggestions!

The first post will be a musical "world tour" including:

  • late 60s-era calypso music from Trinidad and Tobago
  • New Orleans "Swingin' Dixie" by Al Hirt
  • beautiful bouzouki music from Greece (from the aptly titled "Bouzouki is Beautiful")
  • bhajans from the wildly famous Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar, also from the late 1960s.
Have fun! Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more!


Shona said...

OMG - You're my HERO.

Ryan said...

Right on! :D Tell all your friends, tell the whole bunch!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very kindly for sharing a lot of fascinating, pleasurable music! My favourite is the "Get It On!" Ronco record - a great memory to find again!