November 11, 2008

Let me hear your balalaikas ringing out

The back cover of this LP explains: "If you were to wander into the dimly lit Russian Cafe in lower Manhattan called the Two Guitars on almost any evening you would find Sasha Polinoff entertaining the guests. As balalaika player extraordinaire and master of ceremonies Sasha sets the Slavic mood for the vodka, caviar and the Kiev cutlets."

So, straight from a Russian cafe in lower Manhattan (NYC, that is), by way of Moscow, here is an album of instrumental balalaika music from Sasha Polinoff. A balalaika is a three-stringed (sometimes six-stringed) instrument shaped like a guitar but with a distinctive triangular body.

So grab some vodka and caviar (like they serve at the Two Guitars cafe) and enjoy listening to the balalaikas ringing out!