June 1, 2010

"a rollicking album for young and old"

So it has been a wee bit quiet around here lately, but we return with a set of infectiously toe-tappin' tunes from 1956 by "Pee Wee" and "Fingers", on trombone and piano, respectively.

The back of this album declares "a musical first: Mr. Ragtime meets Mr. Dixie", and that's a great description for it. A fusion of Ragtime and Dixieland music, it's got enough tinkling piano riffs and muted, "wah wah" trombone to last you all summer.

"Pee Wee", in real life, is actually jazz trombonist, vocalist and band leader W. Gerrard Hunt III, while Joe "Fingers" Carr is a nickname for pianist and music producer Louis Ferdinand Busch.

With only 12 songs, the longest running only two and a half minutes, it's a shame there isn't more!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Pee Wee Hunt ... Baron VB