April 7, 2010

... ok, seriously now.

Readers, Fans, Music Lovers ... lend me your ears.

As you may have guessed, that last post ("What Is Money, Anyway?") was an April Fool's joke, since, of course, very few people actually like income tax season, and while a presentation about the history of money may by interesting in some regards, it ain't exactly "good time listening". More "serious" posts are coming soon, but I wanted to take a minute to clarify a few things about this blog, and its possible future.

After I started this blog, I often wondered about the legal issues around it, specifically with regards to copyright issues. After all, one of the great things people love about The Vinyl LP Resurrection Collection is that you can come and check out all this free "resurrected" music. However, having this available requires taking a certain amount of liberties with greyish-area legal matters. On one hand, most music is copyrighted in some way, but since in most cases, this is music from old records, the copyright holders are less likely to take issue with it being freely available. I almost like to think that some people might come to this blog, learn about an artist and their music, and maybe even buy an album of theirs based on what they discover here.

This issue hit home recently when a post on this blog was removed after a copyright violation was reported. Regular readers might remember a post featuring 1970s funk/disco group Shalamar and their album Uptown Festival on this blog for a short while, but since removed. So, to help avoid having this happen again (and for the greater good, since further infractions might result in the whole blog being removed), I have removed the links from each post that allow you to download the whole album, and want to stress that the music on this blog is for previewing purposes only.

If you are copyright holder of any of this music, and would like to have it removed, kindly let me know first, before reporting it to the good folks at Blogger, or the equally good folks at Box.net, our media storage provider. I will be happy to remove it as soon as possible.

Hopefully these measures will help everyone to be able to continue discovering all this great music that might be forgotten otherwise. Thanks for your continued support!

Cheers, Ryan

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Mighty Aphrodite said...

Capitalism sucks. You however, rock consistently and thoroughly.