September 13, 2009

That's a Lot of Trombones

A 21-trombone salute? For this album, jazz trombonist Urbie Green assembled a group of 21 of the world's greatest trombone players (I'm dying to make a joke using the word tromboner but I'm gonna keep it professional) and over the course of three days, recorded these "tromboney" renditions of mostly pop and jazz standards.

There are indeed 21 trombones in the ensemble playing all together - possibly the biggest 'bone ensemble ever known! If 21 'bones seems like so much 'bone you'll groan, keep in mind that it's all backed up by a guitar/bass/drum-n-percussion rhythm section to help tone down the 'bone. So get into the 'Bone Zone ... 'bone so melodious, you'll be thrown!


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I wonder if Barrie Tallman, trombonist from Dr. Music, and my across the street, neighbour is one of the 21 musicians